Just listened to the single mix. Very excited.



I uploaded my novel to Harper Collin’s online slush pile- Authonomy:

Go have a looksie!

Most of the mixing for the single got done today. Sound’s amazing. Very excited

Mixing and mastering excitment

On Tuesday the mixing and mastering for the single is going to start- I get to watch and learn and be annoying during the entire process too. Love Ollie K!

Also going to try and record a new demo. Got a dirty little old school blues number I want to get down….


Long long day in the studio but got a lot of things sorted. Aiming to have the single out by February! Getting much better at bass – considering getting my own.

AlsoI finally get to fulfill a childhood dream of being a wolf…

New pretty band page






Bassy bass

Very productive day in the studio despite tonsillitis!  Put the bass part some some tracks myself  -feeling very proud. Things are sounding pretty good.

2nd November

Had to cut Oxford short because I came down with the worst flu I’ve had in years! Fortunately it meant I was in when the photos came 🙂

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