First Review!

Ace Mega Rex:

I find it interesting how music is much like us humans where we live, move through life and pass on and we leave family trees spreading back generations.
In music connections from one artist to another seems to spread wild like roots of a tree.

It starts with the big legends and their influences which grow on other artists till we get to these new young artists who shine through with slight dustings of these original legends with a fresh sprinkle of something new…. their own personal touch.

Why am I saying this? Well through knowing one group Baby Scream who were influenced mainly by John Lennon who as we know was himself influenced by Elvis Presley, I have got to (like this family tree) find, discover another artist from this tree who is very much new, fresh in fact better word is refreshing.

Her artist name is Olivia In The Orchard. who signed late 2011 to OK Records.
She is a young singer songwriter from Worcestershire who when listening sounds so innocent in vocals but once you understand her lyrics & the structure of the songs and even the meaning of the composition you find there is one real smart cookie.

Many artists admit their influences like Olivia’s base from original folk sound to artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds but unlike other artists she does not obviously draw from them & their past classics but goes deep into old human cultures which is where ‘The Art Of War’ very much comes from.

Below is a review of this new release on OK Records to be released on 11th Feb on sites such as HMVdigital, Itunes, Amazon,, and many more.

THE ART OF WAR – The electric guitar opening to this reminds me of early T.Rex crossed with soundtrack to a U.S. TV show but it has this haunting sound that has a sort of a dramatic feel to it. Once the drums come in which Olivia says represents war drums the alternative folk sound really kicks in. The lyrics Olivia says is based on a story she once read about Native Indians ‘The Girl Who Made Love To The Stars’. saying this thou Olivia has mashed cultures together to add a Chinese twist in the lyrics which makes it real neat & very clever.
as I said earlier her vocals sound very innocent and with harmony very enchanting.
It is sure a song that grows on you and the more you understand it’s back story the more addictive it gets.

Mr. V.M. is a more up beat track drums by Mister OK Records himself Oliver Kirkham.
I love the vocals in this as Olivia tends to use the Chinese style in vocals structure use of chords, delivery. It makes the song very fresh & new and wanting more. The guitar layers sound raw but not in any bad way as they so work this way as it leaves that alternative sound that suits Olivia In The Orchard

The Art Of War (REMIX) I have played this to state of over kill since I received it as the production has made a great track to begin with into an epic. Olivia admits her writing she loves a song to build to a ultimate climax and this remix lives up to this.

I really recomend you checking out Olivia In The Orchard there is much more to come in 2012 for her with talk of an EP which I have already heard demo version of which is outstanding in it’s demo format.




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