New Photo shoot

Don’t know why I agreed to do this without makeup LOL



Single Preview


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone and thanks for your support! Here is a very rough new demo to kick off 2012. We have big plans for this next time I’m in the studio.


Art work and bsides

Finished the art work for the single. Finally happy with it after research and endless drafts. Got the text sorted too. Tomorrow we’re going to try and sort out the mix for the b-side and get that sounding awesome. 🙂

New demo

Dawn’s Horizon. Old school blues. Just moi, my fender and a slide.  The guitar was recorded on my 4-track and then transformed by the genius mixing and mastering skills of Ollie K.


Hope you like


Just listened to the single mix. Very excited.


I uploaded my novel to Harper Collin’s online slush pile- Authonomy:

Go have a looksie!

Most of the mixing for the single got done today. Sound’s amazing. Very excited

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